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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 13, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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other pipes in the bay area that could be at risk. we have live team coverage. let's begin with maureen naylor and the latest on the investigation. maureen? >> reporter: gasia, we want to give you a bit of good news. the missing number is at three. the death toll, four people. behind me we're waiting for a press conference from the ntsb. it will begin any moment. we'll carry that life -- live. the ntsb has been on scene all day and we'll find out what they found out today. pg&e announced today it's creating a $100 million fund to restore the town. it says starting friday we'll begin to give residents a $50,000 check per household. >> we will not be asking them to sign any releases when they it doesn't prohibit them from filing any other claims. >> reporter: money that could help this resident who says her
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home has smoke and water damage. >> the water was in my carpet. yeah. it was like a crazy moment. we didn't know what to do. >> reporter: pg&e today gave the city of san bruno a check for $3 million. the mayor says the city is still tallying the overtime and the cost to infrastructure. >> i believe their commitment in good faith to at least help people out that need money right now. >> reporter: residents we spoke with said it's a good start but express doubt they did all they could. >> at least they are trying to help. otherwise, i mean, they should have done much better job. >> they need to give something back to the community because the people down there, they are pretty hurt. >> reporter: a portion of the neighborhood is still considered a crime scene. for the first time it appeared that crews were able to work in the crater. the ntsb said that could have clues about what caused the
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explosion. the ntsb is looking for more video recorded on a nearby gas station. watch the upper left portion of the screen. you will see debris flying before the raging fireball. and that press conference has just begun. we want to take you to this -- we want to take you live where the vice president of the ntsb is speaking right now. >> if anybody knows about any, we want to know about it because weary not completely -- we're not -- we're not completely sure right now. we did not see any visible evidence to the underside of the pipe of the utility pipes that went under the ditch. i mentioned yesterday there were pipes that went under that gas pipe. we did not see any -- and so we were looking at whether there was any damage associated with the excavation and the installation of the pipes under the gas pipe. the initial observations don't show any evidence of damage but
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again, that will be looked at more thoroughly in the labs, the met allergy labs in -- met clergy labs in washington -- metallurgy labs in washington. we know how important it is to begin the work in the pit to return to normalcy. we've released the pit. we've completed the work in the pit and we've released it back to the city at the pg&e to restore the infrastructure within the pit. so because we're finished with that work, there will still be some other on-site work documenting in detail the damage around it, the location of the fatalities, all of those things so the information will help us determine the cause of it but most of the work on that site has now been completed so we're shifting to sort of the next phase which includes looking at documents. we're getting a good flow of documents from pg&e. we've given them an extensive
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list of documents we want to see. we're getting a good flow of documents from them. we'll be starting to visit the sites that control -- the control and monitoring sites at the milpitas and martin end that control and monitor the flow of gas through the pipes. so we'll start that visit. we'll start the visits to the two valves. the valves have been tagged which means to preserve the evidence. we've asked that the valves not be moved until we have an opportunity to examine them in detail. so we'll start that aspect of the investigation. we'll be looking at the seismic records to see if there could have been some seismic activity that re-- related to the breach of the pipe. we've started to receive some of the tests for some of the pg&e employee, the alcohol and drug tests and so far all of those have come through negative. we'll also begin in the next day or so two interviewing the witnesses, that means both the pg&e employees and the other
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witnesses who have information to tell us that can help us with this information. that's all of the additional information i have right now. i would be happy to take any questions you might have. yes, please. [ the question is inaudible ] [ . >> i didn't hear your questions. >> there's activity on claremont do you know what -- >> the question was there was activity on snead and claremont, i don't know what that is, i would have to describe -- ask my investigators about that. [ the question is inaudible. [-- >> you're listening to the ntsb president, christopher hart, about -- talking about how one part of the investigation is over. they are moving to the second phase, which includes looking over documents at pg&e, interviewing witnesses. we'll have more on this later on in this newscast. >> there are so many stories coming out of last week's
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disaster, people would were barely able to escape the flames. at some point they escaped only from the -- because of the help from others. ktvu's john sasaki continues our coverage live from san bruno. john? >> reporter: we got word from the families who lost most, if not all, of interest belonging are back in the zone. there's four buses carrying a five-block area carrying the families to tour those homes. you can only imagine what these people are seeing, what they are thinking, what they are feeling as they pass by this destruction. earlier today, we found several members -- families with other stories. game and her kids and grandson still seem a bit dazed four days after this disaster. >> and i could feel the flames before i opened the door, i
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seen the car was just melting away. >> reporter: she dragged her mother out of the house adjacent to the inferno but her mother could not go any further. >> she let go of me. i said, "no, don't let go of me. i know you are getting burned because i can feel it too." >> reporter: she doesn't budge and that's when a firefighter drove up with his pickup truck. >> i was screaming for help. some guy came by and picked her up in the truck and took her to the hospital. we were apart. >> despite the fact that game and her mother were burned, her mother more seriously, both survived? >> i'm trying to look for this person and tell him thank you so much for picking her up because i don't know how i would have done it. >> reporter: now they are dealing with the loss of their home. >> emotional. but we're getting through. >> it was so big, it was actually two blocks away but it looked like the house behind us was on fire.
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>> reporter: james and his wife returned to their home last night last night. >> absolute relief. just to know that everything is still there. >> reporter: today the browns received this gift card to cover expenses from being out of their house. >> beautiful job here in san bruno, for all of us. we dropped by right now. now, looking -- >> reporter: now, looking back live at the scene from newschopper2, you can see one of the vans in the areas -- actually stopped right next to a fire engine, a couple of fire engines, we believe that's one of the four buses carrying these folks to tour the red- tagged homes that they lost in this fire. so we'll be trying to talk with those folks once they are done with their tour and we'll have that for you later on ktvu. back to you. >> the san mateo county coroner lists the number of confirmed dead in last week's san bruno explosion and fire at four.
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investigators have adjusted the number of missing. now there are three people listed as unaccounted for. dozens of people were hurt. at least four people were critically injured. the coroner has confirmed two who died were 44-year-old jacqueline growing and her 4- year-old daughter janessa who attended a school in san francisco. jessica morales is also among the dead. she was with her boyfriend at a san bruno home when the accident happened. they sago maze was, her boyfriend, was critically injured. >> 126-year-old william bullis, had his father, greg bullis and his 82-year-old mother, lavonne bullis. it was back to school today for students who live in that san bruno neighborhood where the blast occurred. parents brought their kids to
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crestmoor elementary school. all eight of the schools in the san bruno park elementary school district were closed on friday because of the pipeline explosion. >> it's right over in the next neighborhood. i still don't know. but i -- everything should be okay. i'm sure they wouldn't allow the children there if that were an issue. >> school officials say counseling is being made available to students to help them cope with the fire that rashabled their neighborhood. >> seeing the devastation from thursday's blast, the rest of pg&e's millions of customers may be thinking could a pipeline explode near their homes? that's why the pipeline utility is ordering the investigation of the line. tom vacar is live for us in san bruno with more on what crews are doing as they inspect some of those lines. some? >> reporter: actually, we're in oakland because we want to show you what the problem is. these cars are rolling right over it. more than 99% of the entire gas
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system is buried, making eyeballing every foot impossible. this morning, pg&e crews dug and inspected key elements of one of the several main gaslines here in san brune known. the problem with many of these high pressure pipelines is they were installed in neighborhoods that were barely populated, if they were populated at all. now they sit atop and in volume. oakport in oakland, pg&e told us how the personnel conducts informations of the 6,000 miles of main lines. the slow-moving detector truck sniffs for gas leaks and other signs. to pinpoint the problem, these detectors are literally walked along the area where there's no road, a special laser gun does the looking. the utility can find leaks and corrosions in some pipes. >> we can and we do.
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we actually do have equipment that goes inside the pipe to actually take a look at what you are mentioning. >> reporter: even though the exploding pipe is one of pg&e's largest pipes. >> specifically l-132 was not a pipe we could put that equipment in. >> so, said the utility, it performed these regular, manual inspections to determine if the pipe was being corroded or leaking gas. something that may have been inadequate. >> it's in those pipes that we have to find an alternative. >> these are not methods that are any less -- have any less capability. these are proven nations that on a nationwide basis everybody is using. >> reporter: whatever method is ultimately used, inspections will have to be prioritized by the commission. >> i would imagine given the circumstances here, they will have to start in heavily- organized areas. >> reporter: pg&e said it would like to replace seven miles of
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pipeline running southwest from livermore to so cal and another files of -- another seven miles of pipe running through from mont. that would be a $50 million job. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. several bay area charities are assisting the victims of the explosion. the american red cross has been overwhelmed by donations in san bruno. the charity is discouraging people from bringing food and clothes to that site. they are saying the best way to help is to bring money or volunteer your time by calling the red cross or by visiting one of the red cross locations near you. clothes and other supplies for the victims are being collected in any of the salvation army's thrift stores. for full coverage go to the website, you are find links to maps which show the gas lines that run through your neighborhood among other things. police are asking for help tonight. they are looking for a man who went on a string of robberies in the east bay.
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plus -- >> the heart beats right here in san francisco. find out what's next in this project. right now i'm tracking winter-like clouds that could brink sprinkles to the bay area. i will have the details.
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the iranian -- iranian government is demanding $500,000 to release sarah shourd. the family says they don't have that. >> they are hopeful we can get these folks out. they should never have been arrested in the first place. >> shourd was arrested one year ago and accused of crossing the border illegally, along with shane bauer and josh fatt after l. rangers say they believe they found the remains of a livermore man. fred crossen disappeared august 1st, 2003 while hiking in the far northeast corner of the park. a week ago, humane remains and a backpack along with his driver's license were found. they are performing dna to find out and confirm the
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identification. it's a new innovation taking off and hundreds are attending all in dreams of coming up with that killer app. david seen son has more -- stevenson mass -- stevenson has more. >> reporter: bay area-based bam tv hopes to become the next mtv but they are trying to break a new app through the television or on the web. >> it's the only thing that gives startup companies like us sort of a level playing field with some of the established brand. >> reporter: they said the main mia -- mania has the roots in san francisco. >> the top apps, they are from all over the place. definitely a concentration here. but if you look at the companies here, the infrastructure of this business, the global app economy is headquartered in the san francisco bay area.
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>> reporter: an stinted 7 billion apps were -- estimated 7 billion apps were downloaded this year. >> iphone users have the most apps perform. that's about 40 apps per average. >> reporter: they make money by adding ads to apps. >> i think the app is sort of becoming the new web page. >> reporter: many products use the app to organize information or locate services. others are targeting medical services. >> there are a number of medical schools that have standardized on giving ipads to the students. the issue is where do they get the content from. >> instead of reading was available, i can actually hear with some of the fool places. >> reporter: but the flood of new apps means it's often hard
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to be heard. >> a lot of people are interested in that. a lot of people are interested in being heard. and it will only get harder as we go from 200, 300, 400 apps. we predict there will be a million of them by 2012. >> reporter: developers say this differs from the dot-com boom bust. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. and turning to weather. it was just as we talked about on friday, we had a real warm day on saturday. a real cool day on sunday. >> it still feels like fall out there. if you even got a shot of sprinkles at your forecast, it feels like winter outside. temperatures have calmed down. there is a live shot. temperatures dropped off quite a bit yesterday as much as 15 degrees over what we had saturday. another few degrees today. tomorrow, partly cloudy, the
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fog is back. you knew that. the fog will be around in the morning. this is your tuesday, minor warming in the forecast. so a couple of degrees. a little more warming as we go into thursday. and then temperatures start to come down and look at this. a chance of a shower in the forecast. this is no surprise to me, by the way. we talked a little bit about last week. but that low pressure center that's been lingering all summer. that's why it's been cool. it continues to linger and now we're seeing it off the coast as we move into the fall period or even into winter. that's gonna start to fire things up. your knight lows will be cool tomorrow morning. i will see you back -- overnight lows will be cool tomorrow morning. i will see you back here and show you right where the rain will fall. our primary concern is that pearl vision recklessly our future. not from a siren or
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loudspeaker. how people in one bay area county will be notified of an emergency. the black widow spider's severe bite
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can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds. don't be big tobacco's next victim.
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when you buy the hot new samsung fascinate with its super amoled screen. get a free samsung intensity, a free blackberry bold or any other phone in our lineup. don't miss out. offer ends soon. buy a samsung fascinate and any other phone is free. only at verizon. residents in the east bay can receive emergency emails. it will notify those who sign up for road alerts, amber alerts, missing children and other crucial incidents. the city website has a link to
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sign up. the battle to regulate the sale of marijuana is heating up. a group of law enforcement officials gathered in front of oakland's city hall to announce its support of the measure, proposition 19. oakland's city attorney was among those supporters. >> here in oakland, where dozens are killed in drug and gang-related murders every year. pry primary concern is -- my primary concern is that this compromises our public service safety. >> that's what prop 19 will do. we'll take control away from the black market and put it in the hands of the government where they can regulate it and make sure kids don't get it as easy as they get it now. >> but in washington, federal drug eners toment officials joined with some religious leaders who denounce proposition 19. they say it violates, federal drug law. they are calling on u.s. attorney general eric holder, to sue california if the measure passes in november. >> the justice department used
5:26 pm
that sprem macy clause -- supremacy clause recently in arizona on an immigration issue. we're calling on eric holder to say the same thing in this major conflict between prop 19 and the controlled substances act. >> but spotters of prop 19 argue it would -- supporters of prop 19 it would argue those to collect tax revenue. in fact, there was a report issued for raking in hundreds of millions of dollars annually if the prop passes. new information has just come out with a news conference with the ntsb regarding the explosion in san bruno. plus -- >> reporter: two san bruno teenagers were once neighbors here. one is dead. one is missing. what happened at one of their schools left some people in tears. sub [ male announcer it's ram truck season.
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we've been torn apart in an instant. >> she's talking about the eighth grader and her mother who died in the explosion last week. just one of the stories we're following tonight from san bruno. here's what we've learned today -- pg&e this afternoon announced a new $100 million fund for the victims of the disaster. starting on friday, pg&e will begin giving residents affected by the explosion an individual check up to $50,000 per household with no strings attached. also today, some residents were finally allowed to go back home. others with yellow tagged homes were told they would be able to go back but only to retrieve belongings and the ntsb says three pieces of the pipe at the
5:30 pm
center of the explosion are on their way to washington, d.c. for further investigation. and minutes ago, federal investigators wrapped up a news conference to discuss the latest in their probe of the explosion. the ntsb says they will be calling for a good flow of documents from pg&e as it looks into the cause of the blast. the agency says at this point there's no indication that construction work done in the past caused any damage to the pipe that ruptured. >> you are looking at weather there was any damage associated with the excavation and the installation of the pipes under the gas pipe. initial observations don't show any initial evidence of damage but that will be looked at more thoroughly in the lab. >> the ntsb said its next step will be to look at whether the valves near the pipe malfunctioned. also, they will interview witnesses. as we've been mentioning, there are still three people missing. the victims span three
5:31 pm
generations, all from the same family. rob roth is live in san bruno this evening with more on what he learned about them today. >> reporter: frank we're near the 1600 block of claremont drive. it's an area so devastated, police still have it blocked off. within the past hour, residents of this area were loaded onto buses and escorted through the streets. it's the first time the residents have had a look of their destroyed homes up close. at least one of the families that lived in this block was killed by the blast, a mother and daughter, and the only three people listed as missing also lived on this block -- the bullis family. neighbors say lavonne e bullis lived here for decades and say greg, her son, and his wife and son moved in with her recently. sue -- sue bullis was at home
5:32 pm
when this happened. >> something happened they would help you. they were hee he really nice -- they were really nice neighbors. >> reporter: friends say they were too distraught to speak publicly. students have been told someone is missing from the campus but officials won't say who. >> the civilian is not available today. >> reporter: 13-year-old janessa grieg lived near bullis, she was president of her 8th grade. she was killed in the blast while home with her mother jacqueline grieg. today janessa's grandmother spoke to the 8th graders. >> just said his heart was breaking and that he appreciated all of their prayers and concerns. >> they need to keep the love that janessa brought to them. keep that in interest hearts and share -- in their hearts and share that with people. >> their family had had been
5:33 pm
torn apart in an instant. it could have been any one of us. >> reporter: the funeral for janessa and jacqueline grieg is scheduled for this friday at 11:00. reporting live in san bruno, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. and for continuing coverage on the san bruno explosion you can go to our website, among other things, you'll find the dramatic, new video of the explosion there in san bruno. now to election 2010 and the race for governor. democrat jerry brown is firing back at his rival, republican, meg whitman, for her campaign ads you may have seen in which bill clinton attacks brown on the issue of prop 13. here's jim vargas with more. >> in almost every big political race you can find half-truthing but meg whitman is being accused of outright lies by her democratic
5:34 pm
opponent, attorney general, jerry brown. the whitman campaign dragged out a 1992 presidential debate between jerry brown and then governor bill clinton to show brown as a tax raise -- tax razor. >> "jerry brown took credit for the fact that people out there voted for tax 123 which lowered taxes which he opposed." >> reporter: today, brown emphasized he did oppose 13 but when -- -- >> what jarvis said is he helped implement and make it work. >> reporter: the democrat also produced a statement from a cnn report clinton quoted that was inaccurate. and saying that prop -- >> as a billionaire she things she can makes things up and lie in a political campaign. her track record of not telling
5:35 pm
the truth is growing and it gets longer every day. >> reporter: whitman told randy shandobil she's sticking by her ad. >> californians really do need to understand jerry brown's record. >> brown's record shows a pretty bad joke considering the circumstances. last night, he made reference to clinton's affair with monica lewinsky. today he apologized and respects his represent. commuters on 680 may see some relief in the commute over the sunol grade starting next week. that's when the bay area first expression toll lane is scheduled to open. the lane will open between highway 84 in sunol and highway 237 in mill milpitas. that includes the sunol grade, one of the bay area's worse commute areas. the lane will be free for carpoolers but sickle drivers can use it for a sliding fee charged to your fast track account.
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caltrans spent the weekend retriping a section of the lanes and plans to work at night to finish the job in the coming days. new service changes went into effect for golden gate transit riders. eight bus lines were partially or fully eliminated. this expects to save the agency about $8 million a year as it works to bridge a gap. it's an express route from santa rosa to the san francisco civic center. some wonder if starbucks is trying to pull a fast one on its coffee drinkers. and are you paying more at the pump? we'll have a look at where the prices are cheapest in the bay area. and the government inspector say food agencies don't give priority to something they should. introducing chase quickdeposit. just photograph the front and back of your check using the chase mobile app
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flight delays were up in july compared to the same time last year. new figures show the nation's largest airlines had an on-time rate of about 76%. airlines, hour, did make some big improvements in long wait times. only three planes were stuck on the tarmac for more than three hours in july compared to 161 a year earlier. gas prices are holding steady across the country as well as here in the bay area. a new lund burg study finds nationwide that -- lundberg
5:40 pm
survey finds the prices gas prices were expected to stay flat as long as crude oil prices remain steady. the hot stemmy question on the coffee blog seems to be is starbucks trying to pull a fast one on drive-through customers. a third of the menu boards are new and they list two sizes. the 16-ounce grande and the 20- ounce venti. what they do not list is the smaller, less expensive, 12- ounce tall even though it's still available when you go through the drive-through. starbucks officials say it's not a trick. it's something customers requested. nearly four in ten government scientists and food inspectors say their agencies put business concerns ahead of public safety. that comes from a study released today by the union of
5:41 pm
concerned scientists. they interviewed 1700 people at the fda and the usda who are responsible for food safety. 38% say that public health has been harmed by agency practices that defer to business interests. the group says the nation needs stronger whistle-blower protections to encourage inspectors to speak out about their concerns. here is an encouraging note about how many people are washing their hands in public rest rooms. researchers observed people in atlanta, chicago and new york and found that 85% washed their hands. that's up from 77% three years ago and the best percentage since the research began in 1996. women were more likely than men by the way to wash up. it looks like a compromise may be in the works in washington, d.c. next we'll tell you what a top republican is saying in siding with the president. and what are we looking at for the rest of the workweek when it comes to the weather? we'll tell you in just a
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5:44 pm
despite opposition, a top republican leader has indicated he may agree to a compromise when it comes to part of president obama's tax plan that phases out tax cuts for the wealthy. our jennifer davis reports on what's becoming a very heated debate in washington, d.c. >> reporter: congress returns to washington in the middle of campaign season and is battling it out over the bush-era tax
5:45 pm
cuts. he wants to extend tax cuts for the middle class but not the wealthy. >> if i said the sky was blue, they would say no. >> reporter: but now top house return john boehner said he would compromise, reporting tax cut foss the middle class even if tax cuts for the wealthy were to expire. >> you should not raise taxes on anyone in a recession. he was never gonna block the middle class tax cut. >> reporter: boehner is still pushing for this to be extended for high-income families because he said they can are job creator. >> we won't have real economic growth if we keep raising taxes on small businesses. >> reporter: boehner would become speaker of the house if the republicans win enough seats in the midterm elections and he's been trading barbs with the white house as the preelections heat up. >> an average of more than $100,000 a year for people that make more than a million a
5:46 pm
year, taxes is not an effective way -- >> reporter: while lawmakers could reach a compromise before beforehand, this could follow the november election. nancy pelosi toured a business in san francisco to promote legislation to benefit small businesses across the nation. speaker pelosi visited the culinary edge who wants -- helps people who want too start their own businesses in the food industry. the legislation would provide $35 billion in loans to small businesses. the bill's already passed by the house and speaker pelosi says she feels confident it will also pass in the senate. >> it's important because small businesses are the engine of job creation and a capital creation in the country. they've created two-thirds of the new jobs in the last 13 years. legislation includes $12 billion in tax incentives for small businesses. republican senator george
5:47 pm
bonavitch of ohio said he would break ranks to support the bill. the vote could happen sometime next week. acting governor abel maldonado signed new legislation requiring a southern california city to return millions in ill-gotten tax revenue. the bill orders officials from the city of bell to return $3 million in property taxes that the state says was illegally collected. bell is at the center of state and federal investigations after news came to light that the city manager was making nearly $800,000 a year and the assistant city manager, $376,000 a year. bell is a suburb of l.a. and -- and is a small blue- colored -- blue-collar town. stocks started the week off with some healthy gains today. [ closing bell ] >> analysts say the advances are partly due to a new agreement announced by global -- global regulators.
5:48 pm
in it, they will have to keep more in reserves. the dow is up a little more than 81 points. the nasdaq is 43. for more financial and consumer news go to and click on the business tab. coming up next at 6:00, the pry sis -- crisis involving student loans. it's not a problem with getting them. it's what happens after that. also, more on the new developments from san bruno including the dramatic, new video of the explosion as it was happening. plus -- the $100 million move from pg&e and what it will mean for those who lost their homes. also, lessons learned. tonight, we talk to people who went through the oakland hills firestorm about what the people in san bruno are facing now and what they can expect in the coming months. those stories and more coming up next at 6:00. bp says it's resumed drilling a relief well at the blownout drilling site in the gulf of mexico, to relieve the underground pressure so bp can permanently seal the site.
5:49 pm
bp and the government estimate is will take about three days to do this. once they do that they will pump in mud and concrete. another powerful storm is churning in the atlantic. this is hurricane igor. this is what it looks like from space. right now igor is a category 4 hurricane with winds topping 150 miles an hour. the hurricane centers about 800 miles east of the northern leeward islands. it's still early but the national hurricane senter is predicting that igor could turn right and head toward bermuda. here in the bay area, let's see what's in store for the workweek. here's bill martin. >> the temperatures have been trending down. saturday was warm. sunday they came down quite a bit and then temperatures off a few more degrees today. live stormtracker2 picks up not only cloud cover and rain but it shows you current temperatures as well. out towards livermore it's just 76. 65 in oakland.
5:50 pm
74 in concord. it feels like fall. it's still summer. national weather service highs. it was cooler today. it was cooler yesterday as well from sunday. temperatures tomorrow they are gonna come up a little bit. daytime highs tomorrow a degree or two warmer as we go through a few more days, a slight warming spend -- trend. here is the headline. extended forecast calls for a slight chance of showers. the model has been back and forth on this one, on this chance of showers, but it's interesting to see and this system really wants to drop down and could bring significant rain to northern california. maybe an inch of rain. here's what the computer model suggests. it's a long way out. here we are now. bull's eye at 6:00 this evening. move through time. we're into tuesday. we're moving into wednesday. here it comes. that's the system right there. watch the enhancement right there. thursday, about 5:00, there's your front, there's some rain, now is it gonna hold together,
5:51 pm
hard to say? the computer model says by -- by friday afternoon, we should see showers in the north bay and as far south of the golden gate bridge with drizzle to about san mateo. that's a long way out. this system is pretty impressive for this time of year. a lot could happen. right now, it looks like there will be rain north, maybe some sprinkles here by friday afternoon. i think it's gonna change. you will want to watch this weather tonight at 10:00 and then tomorrow with steve paulson. this is evolving. the forecast directly for tomorrow, fog and low clouds well inland. that's 7:00 a.m. and you got nothing in concord. highs get in the low 80s in the warmest spots. 80 in fairfield, 67 in richmond, 80 in livermore, 80 in danville. warmer than it was today. still cool. what happens with this kind of weather. you get really good air quality. that's why fog is so highly
5:52 pm
thought of. good air quality. in this case, less than -- lessened fire danger. we are looking for temperatures to trend up and boy, they drop off quick as we head towards the weekend with that chance of showers. still summer. really feeling like fall. >> thanks, bill. the president kicks off a week celebrating historically with colleges and university. hear what he says his administration will do.
5:53 pm
you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
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5:55 pm
a report released said shows average nationwide scores on the s.a.t. remained about the same. the average combined score was 1,509 out of a possible 2400 points. >> the class of 2010 scored on average one point lower on the writing section, one point higher on the math and the reading scores were higher. president obama today spoke to representatives from the nation's historically black colleges and universities. he celebrated their achievements and expanding access to higher education. >> you've made it possible for millions of people to achieve their dreams. >> the white house event kicks
5:56 pm
off historically black colleges and universities week. the colleges also known as hbcus were established at a time when most u.s. colleges and universities did not admit black americans. the president reiterated his administration's commitment to those institutions. >> we also want to keep strengthening hbcus which is why we're investing this money over the next few years. >> president obama declared this week hbcu week at a time to remember these men and women who took risks to make sure this could exist. in february the president signed the order and continuing the advisory board set up years ago by president reagan. there's much more news ahead. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next. e ret ma oilwi totr wco l wcote
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the guys who drive a heavy duty truck, have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready.
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good evening. i'm gasia mikaelian. julie haener has the night off. >> i'm frank somerville. we begin tonight in san bruno where we now know more about that deadly gas explosion. the lead agency investigate the disaster just wrapped up a press conference. the ntsb is now reporting that there are four dead but only three missing persons, initially we thought there were four missing persons. a large part of the neighborhood continues to be considered a crime scene. the main focus today of the ntsb's investigation was the
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